We know new details of the next Apple glasses from the hand of Mark grunt, who ensures that the battery that will run them will be outside the glassesto which it will be attached by means of a magnetic cable and that we can carry in a pocket or backpack.

The battery is one of the heaviest elements of any electronic device, and if we are talking about glasses that we are going to wear on our heads, this can be a serious problem. Apple can opt for an “astronaut helmet” type design like most of the virtual reality glasses we know: bulky, heavy and not at all discreet. But knowing how they spend it in Cupertino, the design of their glasses is not going to be anything like what we have already seen from other manufacturers. To do this they have made a decision that may seem strange to some: scharge the battery of the glasses and connect it to them by means of a magnetic cable.

According to Gurman, the glasses battery will be similar in size to the MagSafe Battery Pack, and very similar in design, and will have a long cable that will attach to the glasses. through a MagSafe connector but will be fixed by a rotary movement to prevent any sudden movement that could cause the cable to disconnect. With this design, the battery must be carried in a pocket, backpack or bag. The autonomy that this battery will offer to the glasses will be about two hours, so for longer use, additional batteries will have to be carried.

Remember that glasses are expected to be made with premium materials such as carbon fiber or glassand which will also consist of two 4K displays (one for each eye)a dozen sensors and cameras to recognize the gestures we make with our hands and the movement of our eyes, and that it will have an M2 processor. With all this you can imagine that its price is not going to be affordable: it is estimated to be around $3000. We will have to miss a couple of years to see other more refined and affordable models.