Apple goes all out with the renewal of the iPad Air

According to a recent Bloomberg article. Among the novelties that could be presented in 2024, the renewed versions of the iPad Air and the iPad Proas well as the launch of a new Macbook Air with M3 processor.

Apple wants to boost sales again

Apple's decision to push this wave of launches in early 2024 could aim to reverse the downward trend in sales of its products Mac and iPad of the last few months. The financial reports presented on November 2, 2023 did not show a worrying outlook but also nothing to be proud of for what Apple is. Mac revenue in 2023 fell to $7.6 billion, a 34% decline from the previous year. iPad revenue also experienced a drop, reaching $6.4 billion, marking a 10% year-over-year decline. A worrying fact is that Combined Mac and iPad sales account for 15% of Apple's total revenueand this segment has been hit hard by the decline in technology spending by consumers in the last year.

It is also true that since no new iPads were presented this year, the absence of new iPad models in 2023 could have contributed greatly to the decline in sales, this being the first year of non-renewal for the iPad in its entire history. In response, Apple is confident that the arrival of new iPad models and a new MacBook Air M3 will stimulate demand in 2024.

What news can we expect?

Summing up what the near future holds for Apple according to rumors, it is expected that the iPad Aircurrently available only in a 10.9-inch size, is presented in an additional larger model that could be 12.9 inches. Furthermore, the next model of iPad Pro It would incorporate an OLED screen that would improve the viewing experience with a brighter color range. It is expected that both the possible iPad Air M3 or iPad Pro M3 will renew some of their accessories such as the Magic Keyboard, presenting a second generation of the accessory that has become a key piece for the productivity of the iPad. Apple is also expected to introduce a 3rd generation Apple Pencil focused on artists and design professionals. The new Macbook Air M3 It would also promise improved performance and a smoother user experience for a wide range of users.

macbook air colors

2024 also promises to be a great year for Apple due to the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, which promises a unique immersive mixed reality experience. A device that could forever change the way we interact with technology. Updates are also expected for the Apple Watcha new iPad Minia renewed version of the Apple Pencil and improved accessories such as Magic Keyboard. Although at the moment all this is just rumors and we will be waiting for official confirmation from Apple.