Apple Has A New Device For The Smart Home Series

According to reports, Apple is developing a new tablet-like display for managing smart homes. The new gadget, according to Bloomberg, would resemble a budget iPad and be capable of managing HomeKit gadgets, streaming video, making FaceTime calls, and much more, according to MacRumors.

Because it is intended to be affixed to walls or other objects using magnetic fasteners, it is anticipated to be more integrated into the house than an iPad.

Additionally, it will probably face competition from products like the Amazon Echo Show and the Meta Portal. The report stated that the iPhone manufacturer plans to introduce an iPad-like smart home display in 2019.

Apple Has A New Device

According to a report released on Wednesday, the tech giant was considering delaying the release of its augmented reality (AR) glasses, which were slated to go on sale following the introduction of its mixed reality (MR) headset. In 2024 or the beginning of 2025, the business is likely to release a more affordable MR headset with a starting price closer to $1,500. A smart display that is effectively a low-end iPad that can be mounted on walls or other surfaces using “magnetic fasteners” will be the first step in the upcoming drive.

This will be able to play films, manage FaceTime calls, and control your smart home appliances like thermostats and lights. This device will exist since there are already devices like the Echo Show and Nest Hub on the market that is comparable to it. These countertops and wall-mounted appliances appear to be becoming more and more popular. Apple’s smart display is rumored to debut the following year.