Apple has a problem and you win

Apple has presented at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 the new generation of the iPhone, the renewal of the iPad, MacBook Pro and a new HomePod. All the devices are an evolution with respect to the previous generation, which means that many users do not renew their device or equipment. Therefore, we consider the following: Does Apple have a problem due to the quality of its products?

Apple’s main problem is Apple

Apple’s problems are presented in its three flagship devices: iPhone, iPad and Mac. The new generation of Apple Silicon with its M2 Pro and Max chips have taken a leap forward in terms of performance, not only from a performance point of view, but also in their configurations, since you can configure the new M2 Max chip with up to 96 GB of RAM, a real outrage that is only available to those users who seek to have a very professional team.

We find the same situation with the more entry-level models of the Pro and Max series, which start from a configuration of 16 GB of RAM, M2 Pro chip and 512 SSD memory. Most users are going to have a great computer for years to come, regardless of which version they choose, both because of its hardware features and because of Apple’s software updates, which extend the life of MacBooks for many years.

iphone screen

The renovations of the iPad and iPhone were hardware upgrades and very specific improvements that seek the iOS optimization. With the iPad Pro, more of the same, an update of the components, specifically the M2 chip and small improvements in the panels. To all this we have to add the same problem mentioned in the previous point: Apple updates its devices for at least five years, therefore, many users wonder: Why am I going to renew a device that works very well?

Longevity, Apple’s Achilles heel

From a point of user view, Having equipment that lasts for many years is always a good sign, because it is an indication that you buy products that you know are of the highest quality. However, the problem is with the guys from Cupertino, since there may come a point where the updates, which are mandatory, reduce the number of sales as a consequence of the little jump in benefits between generations.

iPad 10 and keyboard

A user who has the MacBook Pro with the M1 Pro chip in its basic configuration, will not renew his Mac, just like a user who has the iPad Pro, because it is a device that is one or two years old and is new. and also, you will not notice differences between generations.

What can be the solution?

Apple is among two lands: on the one hand, the seal of quality of its products and the support it receives and, on the other hand, the problem that can be found with its devices and equipment due to their quality. What decision to make? It seems that the decision is made, or at least partially.

iPad 10 + Magic Keyboard

The decision that Cupertino has made has been developed in the latest developer conference where he determined that all what’s new in iOS and iPadOS will not be available for all supported devices. With the Mac, as soon as Apple completes the transition to Silicon, it is possible that it will also start the same path. In this way, it maintains the update to all the devices, during the same time and even more, but with reduced news.