Apple has already ordered OLED screens for the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro

According to the latest rumors and based on the most common Apple suppliers, those from Cupertino would have requested up to four different sizes of OLED panels that would reach the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro in an upcoming renovation (careful, for the MacBook we are not talking about updates this year… nor the next).

It has already been rumored and even stated before that the iPad Pro will have an OLED screen in 2024, based on multiple publications. Now, a new rumor reiterates that date but also adds that a MacBook Pro refresh will have an OLED display in 2026.

According to Korean publication ET News, Apple has commissioned the development of four different sizes of OLED displays to what the publication describes as a national display-related company. However, it is expected that these companies related to the screens are actually two firms, since work includes both Samsung and LG Display.

Citing industry sources, ET News says the screens commissioned are:

  • 10.86″ for iPad Pro
  • 12.9″ for iPad Pro
  • 14″ for MacBook Pro
  • 16″ for MacBook Pro

An anonymous source reported that, “there are several developments of OLED panels between 10 inches and 16 inches underway.” ET News also says that Apple has commissioned a 20.25-inch OLED screen, which it describes (translated) as “foldable”. No date has been given for when a product with this folding or flexible panel model could go on sale.

This isn’t the first time an OLED display has been rumored for the MacBook Pro. However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously predicted that the model would go on sale in 2024 (wrongly?). As you already know, the advantage of OLED is that it does not require a backlight and therefore the entire set of the screen can be significantly thinnerbeing able to give design and size improvements in the products that equip it.

Will we see a thinner MacBook Pro and iPad Pro with an OLED screen than today? Or simply, Will we see them with an OLED screen within the deadlines posed by the latest rumors? Soon we will begin to know.