Apple has destroyed one of its most important services (and this is how it will affect you)

It had been rumored for a while, and in the end it came true: Apple has shelved and closed one of its most important services. Since October 1, if you want to access it, a button will redirect you to other official alternatives that are still in progress. So if you want to know what it is about and what service it is, in this post we are going to tell you about it.

This is not a paid service. In fact, it was free. And although it was from Apple, it was not a direct channel through its official website or through its applications, but rather it was available on the X social network, through an official account. What can we do from now on? How is it going to impact us? We are going to explain it to you in this post.

Goodbye to Apple Support

The English-speaking news outlet MacRumors already reported it in the summer, but it was not until a few days ago that Apple has ended the technical assistance service through social networks. More specifically, the response service through the @AppleSupport profile in X.

When we previously had a question and wanted to contact Apple’s technical support service, we could write to this profile via direct message, and we would receive a response from a human person who answered us. It was not a resolution of doubts by talking to an AI chatbot or something similar. But it was the specialists themselves who answered us.


October 5, 2023 • 07:01

Of course, it closes the service, but not the account. And as MacRumors explains, “the account will continue to share tips, tricks and useful information, including videos from the Apple Support YouTube channel.”

And how can you contact an Apple specialist from now on?

Fortunately, X’s official profile was not the only official channel of contact with Apple technical support. In fact, one of the objectives for which this closure was rumored was that they wanted to centralize all this type of aid through direct Apple channels.

Regarding technical support via chat, we will continue to be able to contact specialists (in writing) through the official technical service website. There is also the phone number that we can call, and also, from the chat itself, we can ask to speak directly to whoever is assisting us.

Since 2016, Apple was providing this type of service through social networks, when X was still called Twitter. Currently, if we want to contact by direct message we will receive an automated response that will direct us to use the other official channels that Apple has enabled for this.

For the moment, all other sections of Apple’s technical service will remain the same and with the same premise: Contact at no additional cost, personalized attention depending on the product we have and all the technical support guides and manuals that are still available right now. .