Apple has fallen and disappointed

Apple TV+ is synonymous with what Apple is in recent times, a company that does everything it does well, it doesn’t matter if it’s not the first or the most pioneering, but everything He does it slowly and with good handwriting And Apple’s Streaming platform is a clear example of this, isn’t it? In this post we are going to see if Apple with its platform is going to follow its own path or follow the trends of other Streaming platforms.

Netflix first of all

The american platform It was one of the first to create streaming content with shared accounts so that your family and friends can enjoy all the content that Netflix uploaded or created in its studios every month. However, the recent competition from platforms HBO, Amazon, Disney+ or Apple TV itself has launched its own streaming platform to offer its audiovisual productions to its audience.

The consequence of this is that Netflix each time it has been losing market share in relation to the rest of the brands and it has not been able to create a segment and a position in the market that manages to build loyalty with its users, making platforms like HBO Max, with much less content, achieve great results.

Netflix and the arrival of ads

The response to Netflix’s loss of revenue has caused Netflix to make a very cheap subscription in exchange for include advertisements during series reproductions.

apple tv 5

This inclusion has given rise to many questions, because platforms where their Streaming services have not yet started could seek an economic formula in exchange for receiving ads, where Disney has already stated that it could study that possibility. Therefore, the question we all ask ourselves is: Could Apple TV+ include ads?

Apple TV +, will the ads arrive?

The quick answer is that not for many reasons. Apple, in none of its service platforms, includes ads, in exchange for having a cheaper and even free subscription. Apple Music, the longest-lived app in relation to Apple TV+ or Apple Arcade, has never presented a subscription with ads, but has instead presented another type of cheaper subscription such as apple voice to continue attracting users, expand its market and even promote brand products.

Apple’s strategy with Apple TV+ is different, since Apple has given plans of free subscription, but only for those users who have bought an Apple device, initially giving a one-year Apple TV+ subscription and currently 3 months. In addition, Apple has released Apple Onea service that brings together all Apple Streaming services and the iCloud cloud with the aim of offering a cheaper plan for its users.

apple tv remote

Apple, in the short term, it will not include ads as if you have included Netflix and is thinking of including Disney in Disney+, the Apple model involves increasing its series catalog, the Apple One subscription and a specific plan such as Apple Voice for students. In other words, if you want a product from the bitten apple, you have to pay for it.

Let us know in the comments if you think Apple TV+ will include ads or roll out a cheaper subscription like Apple Voice.