Apple has invented a new Lightning cable for its Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro are now a reality. With the launch of this new product, also comes a new platform and a new ecosystem that opens up a whole world of possibilities. But with all this, a new type of cable has also arrived, of which nothing was said about it in the official presentation. And thanks to an X user, it has been learned that it is some kind of Lightning cable that they are using. Do you want to know all the details? We tell you!

One of the most commented points regarding the use of the Apple Vision Pro has been the fact of having to use an external battery connected by cable to the glasses. This battery is coupled by a magnet, which has a cable that connects it to the battery itself. So if the mixed reality headset uses a magnetic system, Where is this new type of cable that has been invented?

Thanks to a SIM extractor tool

The Apple Vision Pro external battery has a simple system. On the one hand, we have the battery that stores energy. On the other hand, we have the magnetized cable. This cable, which has a magnet that sticks to the visor, is attached to the base using a new type of connection that follows the same principles as Lightning, but with the difference that the connector is wider.

This detail was not disclosed at any time during the presentation. And it wasn't until X user @raywongy has introduced a SIM card extractor tool in the hole next to the connection, which has not been able to bring this connection to light. Upon seeing the panorama, he shared the images on the social network.

l used a SIM card push pin to «unlock» the cable connected to the Apple Vision Pro battery pack. It popped right out.

February 1, 2024 • 14:01

Does this mean that the Apple Vision Pro will be charged with this new cable?

No. This new type of proprietary connection is only for attaching the battery base to the glasses via the magnet on the top. This device will charge its battery using the universal USB type C connector, and with a 30W power adapter.

Unlike other Apple products, the Apple Vision Pro includes this charging connector inside the box, as illustrated from the company's official website for the United States. Likewise, they also include a battery, which comes with this magnetized cable.

This new type of connector that reminds us of Lightning does not have a publicly assigned name. And in all the references to the battery that can be seen on the web, the battery can always be seen with the cable connected.

Although a proprietary system is used to connect the battery to the Apple Vision Pro, they include a USB Type-C charging port to retain power. So there will not be any problem when using the universal port, an element that the European Union has required Apple to incorporate so that they can continue operating normally in this market.