Apple has no reason to fear Google’s news

Recently, there has been a lot of speculation about whether Google’s new devices could pose a real threat to Apple. A few years ago, this idea might have seemed far-fetched, but, as we will see, the situation is changing.

A few years ago, Google launched the Pixel series of phones, with the intention of competing in the high-end smartphone market dominated by Apple and Samsung. In its first versions of this device, the Pixels were praised for their quality in photography and the use of the virtual assistant, although they also received criticism for some software and design problems. However, Google has continued to improve its devices over the years.

Google VS Apple

Recently, it has attracted the attention of many Pixel phone sales growth, with a surprising increase of 230%. This growth has caught the attention of many, and has led some to wonder if Google is finally managing to challenge Apple in the smartphone market, mainly in the United States and Canada.

If you are up to date with the news of iOS 17 Perhaps you know about a new function that allows users to see the transcription of a voice message in real time, an approximation to what we previously knew as “the answering machine” but in a much more modern way. Surprisingly, this feature was already present on Google Pixel phones for a few years and was loved by many users. A quick example that Google moves quickly when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Where do I want to go with all this? Well, in addition to “Live Voicemail”, the Pixels have also stood out for their artificial intelligence capabilities. Over the years, Google has significantly improved its AI features on the Pixel, offering improvements in photo editing, for example. However, some of these features, such as ability to replace faces in photos, They are rather considered features that are rarely used in everyday life. Now with the improvements in Bard, its virtual assistant, Google once again takes the topic of AI to the next level.

Another issue that should always be considered when evaluating a new phone is the presence of bugs. In this sense, Google Pixel 7 has proven to be quite solid, with few errors reported by users on social media and analytics. However, the Pixel series has had a history of problems in the past, making some users cautious and opting to wait for the next generation, the Pixel 8, to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises.

The comparison with the iPhone

In terms of hardware, phones Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro They have interesting features, such as 120Hz screen and the incorporation of a 5x optical zoom. These features surpass the equivalent iPhones in these specific aspects, in the case of the base model of iPhone 15 which does not have a 120Hz refresh rate on its screen. However, these improvements are not necessarily decisive for all users.

iphone 15 plus colorsWhat often sets Apple apart is its ecosystem and its focus on hardware and software integration. In this Apple has no rival. Apple apps like Photos, Safari, and Messages and other native apps are loved for their quality and ease of use. In addition, Apple continues to add new features with each iOS update, such as the aforementioned Live Voicemail in iOS 17 or an improved writing correction and prediction system. This combination of high-quality hardware and a well-built ecosystem is what attracts many users to the iPhone and what is not exactly Google’s strong suit.