Apple has released iOS 15.7.5 with important security fixes

A few days back, Apple released iOS 15.7.4 to the general public with major security patches. However, the Cupertino company already has started rolling out iOS 15.7.5, as another update for those older iPhone and iPad devices.

The official description of iOS 15.7.5 does not mention any new features, beyond those related to security. Which is not surprising, since users who want to enjoy new features need to download iOS 16.

About this new update Apple simply mentions the following: “This new version provides important security fixes, so we recommend users to install it

How to update to iOS 15.7.5

To update your iPhone mobile to iOS 15.7.5, you just have to go to the application “Setting”, enter in the section “General”, and then select the option “Software update”. This update is now available for iPhones running iOS 15.

Surely you are wonderingWhy does Apple offer security patches for an old version of iOS? The reason is to protect devices that are still running iOS 15, which is worth mentioning, there are not a few. Devices that cannot update to iOS 16 because they are too old, or because their users have chosen not to update due to incompatibility issues with some apps.

Apple also released macOS Ventura 13.3.1 and iOS 16.4.1 last week, with fixes for actively exploited vulnerabilities. Issue also addressed by iOS 15.7.5 on older devices.

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