Apple has the mess mounted with its computers

If you enter the Apple Store with the intention of buying a computer, you will be able to see how the variety is what most attracts the attention of this wide and, above all, powerful catalogue. However, it seems that having so many models is complicating life a bit for future products that, in theory, Apple is going to launch in 2023. Keep reading, we’ll tell you everything.

Apple’s range of computers has always been very well defined, however, now it seems that everything is more complicated than ever. In theory, Apple’s entry-level computer has always been the Mac mini, however, really right now by specs, the least powerful is, surprisingly, the iMac, which continues with the M1 processor while the Mac mini has already made the leap to the M2 and M2 Pro, leaving the iMac in a rather compromised situation. But beware, it seems that it will not only happen with these two computers, since the Mac Studio could conflict with the next Mac Pro.

Apple could say goodbye to Mac Studio in less than 1 year

As reported by Mark Gurman in his “Power On” newsletter, it is very possible that this Apple computer that came out less than 1 year ago will not be renewed with the new processors, at least for now. The Apple analyst affirms that from Cupertino they welcome leaving the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra processorand reserve its evolution, the M2 Ultra for the new Mac Pro that we will be able to see this year.

In fact, the good old Gurman affirms that within Cupertino it is not clear if this computer, the Mac Studio, will be renewed with the following generations of processors, that is to say, that it is possible that it will disappear from the map sooner rather than later. If so, it would be a really strange move on the part of Apple, since as we have commented, the Mac Studio is not even a year old yet, however, the reality is that it would make very little sense for Apple to have a Mac Studio with M2 Ultra and a Mac Pro as well with an M2 Ultra, so yes, the problem for the Cupertino company is really real unless they have a new processor up their sleeve that will go exclusively for the new Mac Pro.

mac studio 4

Be that as it may, in a few months we will surely leave doubts, since It is most likely that in the month of March Apple will make a new Keynote to launch, with many possibilities, the new Mac Pro, and who knows if not also a new iMac to come to replace the current one that, as we mentioned before, still has the M1 processor, something that is striking considering that the iMac It has always been one of Apple’s flagship and emblematic products. However, and finally, from La Manzana Mordida we always advocate keeping calm, since these are nothing more than rumors, some of which may become reality and others may not, so we must be attentive to new information that arises about these products.