Apple has to copy Windows

All Mac users are aware of the advantages of having the macOS operating system and the entire Apple ecosystem. However, there are differences from the Windows operating system that Apple, while still being Apple, includes in its versions of macOS and Apple Silicon to improve the user experience and increase its market share. We analyze it below:

Apple and macOS, get your batteries

Apple, if you want to continue gaining market share against Windows, you have to start get some ideas that would make Windows users see having a Mac with different eyes and move their entire workflow to macOS and enjoy all the benefits offered by the Cupertino firm.

Software applications and configuration

Without a doubt, Macs are excellent computers and the apps that are adapted to macOS have a much higher performance than in Windows. To all this we must add the native or specific applications for said system, such as Final Cut Pro X or Pixelmator Pro. The problem starts, when a majority of applications expand are not available for Mac, making many users who have or want to have an Apple ecosystem have to partition windows on your computer or have two work computers, making many users directly opt for Windows.

The configuration and customization offered by Apple it’s also much shorter than setting up your Windows computer, since Apple gives you a closed team with a series of specific characteristics and without variation in processor, RAM, storage or graphics. Also, you cannot modify values ​​such as SSD or RAM over time. It is understandable that you cannot modify the processor for certain technical reasons, but the SSD and RAM is essential because you do not know the performance that you will need in the future.

The video game catalog and the price

the fan of apple games it is very small compared to Windows. Apple has always been focused on offering products focused on the field of design, editing and programming. However, the video game sector is a sector with a lot of growth and that generates many jobs. With Apple Arcade, it has taken a leap forward, but it still has to give developers enough tools to develop their games for Mac.

To conclude, the price of Apple devices is very high compared to Windows devices, establishing a very high price difference with respect to equipment that has the same hardware configuration. If you have to pay more and do not have access to all applications, many users prefer a wholesale windows software catalog.


Apple and Windows, Windows and Apple

Apple and Windows, Windows and Apple, both companies copy ideas and have a constant but healthy confrontation to become the reference software for most users. All this has a direct impact on the user, since both companies strive to have an optimal operating system for the user. client and with news that improve our user experience, both in productivity and performance.

There is no operating system better than another, each system has its advantages and differences and depending on the type of user you are and what you are looking for, an operating system has a series of conditions that will be best for you. The important thing is that, whatever operating system you have, you can do your job correctly.