Apple Headset AR/VR Launch Date Announced

The Apple headset VR/AR  has been the subject of numerous predictions circulating rumors. But Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst and trusted Apple oracle, stands out as the one who predicts the Apple headset VR/AR would be released in January 2023, with a second version following in 2025. Mark Gurman concurs that the headgear will be available in 2023 but doesn’t give a specific date.

Since then, we’ve heard that the AR/VR headset’s manufacturing could begin in March 2023. This could indicate a reveal later in the year than Kuo anticipated, or it could mean that Apple plans to demonstrate the headset before beginning pre-orders and sales a few months down the road, in order to generate interest and get programmers working on experiences before customers get a chance to try the new product

Speculation Over Apple Headset Finally Put To Rest

The Apple HeadsetVR and mixed reality headgear are intended to be a forerunner to Apple Glass, according to rumors. Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the AR lenses will provide an “optical see-through AR experience.”

In other words, from what we’ve gathered, Apple Glass is made to look and function like a regular pair of light glasses. We’re referring to eyewear that can project data, including likely imagery, onto its lenses.

It is anticipated that the Apple VR and mixed reality headset would resemble a standard VR headgear but also have a number of external cameras and sensors that unlock additional functions.

In this approach, Apple’s VR and mixed-reality headsets may merge real-world environments into virtual areas and give body tracking. The Apple VR headset may also feature a see-through feature that can give augmented reality. It differs significantly from the VR-only Oculus Quest 2 in that regard.

In fact, it’s claimed that Apple has made the metaverse “off limits.” The mixed reality headset will allow users to communicate, watch content, and play games, but it won’t be something you wear all day or serve as a substitute for reality.