Apple Headset Will Have New Features Including USB Type-C Charger

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple Headset will contain two connectors, including a USB-C interface for transmitting information and a new unique charging port for the external battery. The majority of AR/VR headsets on the market have an internal battery, but rumors claim that Apple’s headset would link to an external battery that is worn around the waist and is distinct from the headset itself. This would make the headset lighter and more comfortable. Gurman stated that the charging wire that connects the battery pack to the headset has a circular tip that inserts magnetically in his most recent Power On newsletter.

Apple Headset Will Have A Battery Pack

The spherical tip must be twisted clockwise to hold it in place so that it does not slip out during operation, according to Gurman, while “the cable actually connects to the battery package, and those two pieces aren’t separable.”

According to Gurman, the external battery pack is “about the size of an iPhone but thicker,” and it looks like an iPhone MagSafe battery pack. It is meant to be charged through USB-C and is powered by the same adaptor that comes with the MacBook Pro.

The battery will power the Apple Headset for around two hours and will be swappable for continued use while a second battery charges. It is assumed that Apple will sell extra battery packs separately because of the limited battery life.

Apple Headset operating system, xrOS, and the headset, speculated to be branded “Reality One” or “Reality Pro,” are both anticipated to be unveiled at WWDC in June. Check out our most current breakdown for further details on the headset’s allegedly available features.