Apple helps you save money

Apple has always been a company that offers its customers the best products and services, not only in the sales process, but also in the post-sale process in the Apple Store, authorized technical service and online customer service. Therefore, in this post, we are going to see how Apple helps you to save money through its after-sales services.


The battery It is one of the components that can degrade the most in your devices and it is true, since, depending on the use you give it, its deterioration can decrease or increase, but over time, you have to go through Apple technical service for fix that problem.

This problem can be exacerbated in devices that have smaller batteries, as it can be in AirPods or Apple Watch, due to the fact that they are very compact devices and, therefore, the battery they have is very small. Its small size makes the charge cycles complete and consequently, you begin to have less percentage of health sooner.

This battery change is true that it is not expensive, but you have the possibility of giving a new life to your Apple device, since, if you analyze it, not all companies have the same facilities when it comes to replacing batteries or any problem you have with your equipment, especially since many of them They do not have a physical after-sales service in your city or the technical service is designated to third-party companies.


Apple’s extended warranty service may seem like a overpayment, but when you need to use it, it is one of the services that extracts the most profitability. In the case of the battery, replacement in AirPods is free and in Mac, iPhone and iPad they have a lower price, saving you a significant cost than if you don’t have it, in addition to the fact that, in the event that you have consumed a number of cycles in the three years, replacement is free.

You have the same situation if you have suffered theft or loss of the device, since, if you take the appropriate steps, you can receive the same iPhone that you had for less than 150 euros. Also, in the event that you have a broken screen or chassis, the repair costs are much more affordable than with other companies.


Likewise, we have to take the example of AirPods, since, in the event that lose one of the pairs of AirPods or the charging case, you can buy only the lost unit, avoiding having to buy the complete product. Finally, we cannot forget the advantages that you have to contract AppleCare+ if you have any questions with your team, since you can have a telephone conversation or through a chat where they will solve your doubt without problem.

In conclusion, not all companies have the same physical meeting points that Apple has in most countries, which makes it much easier, whether you use AppleCare or not, to go to an Apple Store and have an analysis. the status of your product.