Folding screen technology has been with us for a few years now and although it has not yet caught on among the highest-end devices, companies continue to dedicate millions of euros to improving and designing new panels capable of folding while maintaining their entire structure. In fact, there are many rumors about foldable iPhones, foldable iPads or foldable MacBooks… but they are just that, rumors, because to date Apple has not given even a sign that it is working on this in its laboratories. . Besides, new information suggests that a possible folding iPhone could be postponed to 2027 or even be canceled permanently and never see the light. We'll tell you then.

The foldable iPhone could arrive in 2027 or be canceled permanently

One of the main problems with screens is the complexity of their panels and not knowing how they will resist tens and thousands of folds throughout their useful life. Some media claim that Apple has tested competing panels to see their durability and many of them They have cracked their stress tests. One of Apple's basic pillars regarding its products is quality and Apple's quality standards are very high. This means that until a device acquires that level of quality it is not ready for launch.

foldable iPhone

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And that is what could be happening around the folding panels of a supposed folding iPhone. The difficulties that Apple would be encountering around this technology would have delayed the project to the first quarter of 2027 not only because of the complexity but also because of problems when acquiring parts for its product, according to a rumor published on AlphaBiz. Another rumor from a Chinese source ventured further and claimed that Apple had suspended the development of the foldable iPhone after suppliers failed to exceed quality standards.

What is true is that in one way or another a launch of any folding screen device is not expected in the short space of time since the technology is still very green and Apple would be working on trying to reduce screen wear. the indentations created by repeated folding or the refraction problems that appear when folding the screen. But once again, it's all hypotheses.