Apple hides something with the AirPods Max

One of Apple’s most controversial products in recent years is without a doubt the AirPods Max, headphones that when they were presented and went on the market everyone was talking about them, and in the vast majority of cases not to praise them. Well, after almost 3 years from that moment, Apple could be up to something with them. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

The Cupertino Company launched these headphones in 2020, and of course they gave and continue to give a lot to talk about given the characteristics they have and, above all, their price. If you have to focus solely on the product, the reality is that They are high quality headphones, as they offer both fantastic noise cancellation and sound quality. However, they are not perfect at all and they have many points where Apple should go in to give them a spin and improve them. However, despite this, they are positioned as one of the best options on the market, well, that is if you can buy them, because it will not be easy for you.

AirPods Max sold out, is a renewal coming?

It must be taken into account that not in all cases the fact that a product has a shortage of stock is synonymous with that there will be a renewalHowever, in this situation it does attract attention, since the AirPods Max are not headphones that have recently been released on the market or that there has been excessive interest in them from one moment to the next.

That is why it is really strange that in the vast majority of stores there is no stock of them, and if you go to the Apple Store itself, you will find that Apple doesn’t send them to you until March. Without a doubt, it is a really strange situation, which would have a clear explanation in the event that Apple was thinking of launching a renewal of the AirPods Max. This supposed renewal has been talked about for quite some time, however, the forecasts are not really very positive, since everything indicates that, if there were one, it would simply be a Color changeor at least that is what the few rumors that have emerged about Apple’s top-of-the-range headphones have revealed.

AirPods Max + iPhone

In the event that the expected renovation happens, the truth is that it would be quite watered down if Apple only made changes to the color palette, since as we have previously commented, although the AirPods Max are great headphones that offer a very good listening experience user, they are by no means perfect and there are quite clear and obvious points where Apple should improve them. This hypothetical renewal would be the ideal time to carry out these much-needed changes, but the reality is that everything indicates that, if something happens, it will simply be a change in the color palette in which the AirPods Max are available. Also, considering that Apple has not renewed these devices since their launch, it would be really counterproductive to keep the same features for so many more years. However, these are just rumors that arise due to the stock status of the AirPods Max, so we cannot take anything for granted.