Apple ID Bug Is Causing Inconvenience 

Apple ID Bug creating chaos. On Twitter, some iPhone users complain that they are constantly being prompted to enter their Apple ID password. For instance, one Twitter user with the handle “Andreu.” wrote, “So why does my Apple ID randomly ask me to enter my password I don’t think that’s normal.”

This prompted other Twitter users to complain that the same thing is happening to them, one of whom wrote: “…same here wtf.” Similar issues were reported by iPhone users on Reddit. The user “twenty skulls” on Reddit complained about needing to check in using his Apple ID. “A message for signing in and changing my password appeared out of the blue on my phone. 

Apple ID Bug Is Disrupting Users’ Daily Life

If you pay attention, you’ll see that the majority of iPhone users don’t express annoyance at having to continuously enter their Apple ID. Instead, Apple ID Bug makes users claim to be terrified or to feel strange about the situation. One iPhone user even acknowledged that they became anxious when the erroneous sign-in prompt continued appearing. “I panicked so bad when it happened to me around the same time as the OP (original poster),” commented Redditor NebulousLotus.

My phone looks stuck after I tried to upgrade it to see if that was the problem. In the midst of the posts describing freakouts, panic attacks, and strange emotions, one iPhone user’s proposal stood out. This individual chose to reset his iPhone after yesterday night’s sporadic prompts started to show on his device. The random prompts vanished when he did it.

You may wish to restart your iPhone if the Apple ID Bug is prompting you to sign in with your Apple ID password. You have nothing to lose by doing this, after all. Altering the password for your Apple ID is another recommendation. How to accomplish this is described in the Apple Support video that is included in this article.