Apple improves the action button on the iPhone 15 Pro

Apple, seeking to improve the user experience, has made a significant adjustment to the functionality of the action button with the iOS 17.1 update. This change, introduced in the third beta of iOS 17.1, is intended to prevent the accidental activation of certain functions when the iPhone is in a pocket or bag. We show you in detail how this modification benefits iPhone 15 Pro users.

Until the release date of iOS 17.1, users had experienced the involuntary activation of functions such as the camera, flashlight, voice notes, concentration modes or magnifying glass when accidentally pressing the action button while the iPhone was kept in a pocket. This not only results in unnecessary drain on the iPhone’s battery, but could also lead to unwanted recording and image capture. In response to this problem, Apple has offered a solution.

What’s new in iOS 17.1

With the third beta of iOS 17.1, Apple has implemented a change to the action button functionality. Now, when the iPhone is in a pocket or backpack, certain functions will no longer be activated by pressing the action button. These functions include all the configuration possibilities that this mode has. This setting represents a major advance in user convenience, as it prevents accidental activations that, in the past, have been the cause of complaints.

This new setting comes by default when updating our iPhone to iOS 17.1 and we will not have to do anything to activate it. With this modification, the iPhone offers a more fluid and frustration-free experience. Actions that make sense to activate while the device is in a pocket, such as the mute function and certain shortcuts, can still be activated. However, to do so, users will need long press the action button so that the device knows that you really want to activate the function voluntarily.

This is another example of how Apple prioritizes user experience in its product and operating system design. Although the action button required a long press to activate in previous versions, there were still complaints about its involuntary activation. Apple has heard these concerns and has taken concrete steps to address them.

It is important to note that these changes only apply to the action button. This means that although the functionality of the action button has been improved regarding accidental activation in a pocket or backpack, it is still possible to activate the camera or flashlight from the iPhone lock screen when the device is in a pocket .

It is expected that in the future Apple will incorporate advanced customization options to the action button. This would allow users to decide which functions are automatically deactivated and which remain active in specific situations. This greater flexibility could be tailored to individual user preferences. In the same way that the dynamic island We hope that the action button becomes established on our device as another feature and that Apple continues to provide us with value through it over time.