Apple has introduced the new HomePod. With a design virtually identical to the original model but with internal improvements This new speaker is available in black and white for pre-order, and will hit stores on February 3.

The new HomePod arrives with the same size as the previous model and with a design almost indistinguishable from the original model. Entirely surrounded by a textile mesh that is acoustically transparent and with a tactile upper surface that is now completely illuminated, Apple is committed to a continuous design that aims to fit anywhere in the house. It is available in the same colors, black and white, although the current black is called “midnight” and qualifies it as “new” made with 100% recycled fabric.

HomePod and iPhone

The sound of the new HomePod is still incredible according to Apple, with deep bass and commanding treble. It has a built-in microphone that will be in charge of equalizing the sound, a woofer and five tweeters that are arranged in 360º. At the core of the new HomePod we find a new S7 processor that will offer the best computer sound that will make the most of the acoustic potential of this smart speaker. the sound will adapt to the place where we place it, to know at all times if it is facing a wall or in the center of a room, controlling the direction of the sound. Of course, it integrates Apple Music and you can create a stereo pair with another HomePod, and use it as a sound system for Apple TV 4K.

The new model also has special features such as sound recognition, so that any smoke or carbon monoxide alarm that sounds will send a notification to your iPhone letting you know. It has a temperature and humidity sensor to measure the conditions of the room in which it is located and that can be integrated into HomeKit to create automations with the measured data. It is compatible with Matterthe new home automation standard, so we can use it as a HomeKit accessory center taking advantage of the latest technologies such as Thread.

New HomePod

The new HomePod is already available to reserve from the Apples website and will be available in physical stores and in the Apple Store online for direct purchase starting February 3. Its price is €349.