Apple iOS 16.2 Has A New Upgrade For HomeKit Architecture

On Apple iOS 16.2-running devices, Apple appears to have eliminated the ability to switch to the new HomeKit architecture. The adjustment was made in response to several complaints about glitches and difficulties with the Home app following the upgrade.

One of the highlights of Apple iOS 16.2 was the new Home app architecture, which Apple touted as being “more dependable and efficient.” The Home app in iOS 16.2 no longer provides the option to update to the new architecture under the Home app settings, according to MacRumors. The update option is not available on the smartphones of several The Verge correspondents, which has also been confirmed.

Apple iOS 16.2 Has New Updates

Before the Apple iOS 16.2 public release on December 13th, the new architecture was originally offered in the iOS 16.2 beta back in October as an optional upgrade. Apple devices logged into iCloud and running the most recent versions of iOS, macOS, and tvOS were necessary for both the beta and the general release. When iOS 16.2 is loaded on a phone, the upgrade does not take place automatically; rather, it must be initiated manually through the Home app.

Before its removal, Reddit users who downloaded the extra update had complained about problems with the app kicking other members from a Home account and being unable to add them back. On the MacRumors forum, users have complained that they are unable to share the home with others, that HomeKit gadgets are always stuck in the “updating” state, and that certain accessories have completely vanished from the Home app. After upgrading, users cannot go back to the earlier version of the app.

Apple hasn’t released a statement explaining why the upgrade was withdrawn or when we may anticipate it coming back. We have contacted Apple for clarification, and should we hear back, we’ll revise this report.