Apple iOS 16 Available For Download

Apple today provided fresh and significant updates for several of its devices, just as it had promised. Start with iOS 16 first. For iPhone 8 and newer models, the upgrade to the most recent version of iOS is now available. It will also come preinstalled on the new iPhone 14 models when they begin delivering this Friday.

Apple has also released iOS 15.7, which addresses a number of kernel vulnerabilities and resolves security issues with Contacts, Maps, Safari, Shortcuts, and WebKit, for people who are unable to update to iOS 16.

iOS 16 Update Now Available

The same fixes are being rolled out for iPadOS 15.7 as well; this could be the last 15.x branch update we see before the release of iPadOS 16; the release of iPadOS 16 was postponed due to problems with the new Stage Manager multitasking feature. Rumor has claimed that iPadOS 16.1 will be released directly, possibly as early as next month. Apple acknowledged the delay.

With new watch faces, revamped alerts, support for showing sleep stages in sleep monitoring, and a new Medications app that makes it easier to keep track of your intake of vitamins, supplements, and medications, watchOS 9 is also now available. The Workout app now offers more personalized workout options. The Apple Watch Series 4 and later models will receive this release. The tvOS 16 version includes compatibility for the Nintendo Joy-Cons and the Nintendo Pro Controller as game controllers, proving that the Apple TV has not been forgotten either.

If you have auto-changes turned on, all of these updates ought to have already been presented to you. If not, an immediate download will happen when manually checking on any of the supported devices.