Apple iOS 17 Will Have The Journal App

A recent allegation asserts that Apple is developing a brand-new iOS 17 app for the next iPhone operating system: a journaling app. This comes after a rush of information regarding iOS 17 leaked last week. The Day One rival, according to the Wall Street Journal, “is designed to help users keep track of their daily lives.”

The new software, code-named Jurassic, would, according to the source, “let users collect what they do every day as part of its efforts in the marketplace for physical and mental wellness technology.” The app will provide much tighter interaction with the rest of Apple’s applications and have the capacity to analyze behavior to ascertain what a normal day entails, including health, location, text messages, and “whether a particular day included something outside the norm,” according to Apple.

The Journal App Will Be Released With iOS 17

The software would have a significant edge over current journaling applications, which are limited in their ability to access certain areas of the phone, thanks to that. According to The Journal, the application “is set to work with all iPhone hardware that comes with Apple’s upcoming operating system, iOS 17.” It’s unknown if the Mac version of the Freeform app, which debuted in iOS 16.2 and macOS 13.1, will exist.

Journaling applications, including Penzu, Day One, 1SE, and other well-known ones that have amassed millions of downloads, have long been a mainstay for iPhone users. 

Since Apple is frequently accused of “Sherlocking” popular software categories, the company’s move into the journaling market is guaranteed to irritate app developers. After Apple developed its own Sherlock 3 search app to compete with the comparable Watson tool in Mac OS X, the phrase gained popularity.

For additional functionality, several journaling applications require memberships. In order to eliminate restrictions on journals, images, videos, and other features, Day One, for instance, charges $35 each year.