Apple iOS Will Have A New Twitter Feature

Users of Apple iOS iPhones will now be able to view bookmark numbers on tweets thanks to a new feature released by Twitter. The Twitter Support account tweeted the new Apple iOS app feature’s announcement. “We adore using Bookmarks to store Tweets for subsequent review. The total amount of times a Tweet has been saved is now visible on Apple iOS’s Tweet information page “read the tweet.

“Your Bookmarks are still private, so do not worry. We will not ever reveal which accounts have bookmarked a Tweet. Twitter stated in February that as of March 20th, text message two-factor verification will no longer be supported.

Apple iOS Users Will Get A New Twitter Interface

If you have an iPhone, you can use the more private 2FA alternative that is already included in your phone. And using it is cost-free. Twitter claims that 74% of users who have enabled two-factor authentication use the texting option. Even though it is awful that you will not have access to that again unless you pay, SMS 2FA is better off without you. As it is simpler for attackers to spoof your SMS remotely, particularly with SIM swapping, authentication apps like Google Authenticator are preferable over text messages.

The business stated that it intends to enhance this feature on the support page for the new feature. If they’re the writer or the reader, everyone who uses the platform may see the number of bookmarks on a tweet. Twitter CEO Elon Musk had previously promised a feature that would make it simple for users to favorite messages. Later, the platform began rolling it out on iOS. The new feature makes it simpler for readers to add an article to their favorites by displaying the bookmark option beneath the expanded tweet view.

The microblogging site had, meanwhile, last month deleted subtitles from its public audio rooms, or “Spaces,” for iOS.