Apple iPhone 14: By Far The Hottest Phone On The Horizon This Year

Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 14 range and is pushing all the boundaries. With months remaining ahead of the 2022 iPhone 14 models getting off the ground, the rumors about their features have started well in advance, even earlier than the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro models hit the markets. 

There has been a lackluster movement of iPhone minis and Apple is going for larger sizes of iPhone for the flagship devices. So we can expect a 6.1 in. iPhone 14, an iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max of the same dimension, and finally a 6.7 in. iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

iPhones that have Face ID have a front notch that houses all necessary facial scan equipment. But the introduction of the Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Max should change that. 

The first to be changed will be the iPhone 14 Pro. This model should eliminate the presence of the notch and go for a fresh design. It appears at present, if rumors are yet to be believed, Apple will prefer a sort of combination between round hole-punch cutouts for its camera combined with pill-shaped patterns that will house the key Face ID mechanisms. 

Thicker Body For Apple iPhone 14

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

There are rumors that it will be a fresh design for the iPhone 14 Pro Max rear camera, both for the iPhone 14 Pro, Max, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple iPhones could introduce a body that is thicker and would thus eliminate the camera bump. If this switch to a thicker body is accepted, it would mean that the flash, lenses, and the LiDAR scanner all would be able to sit snug with its rear glass even without the camera bump. But the chances of this change occurring is mere conjecture at this stage. 

Titanium Frame For The Apple iPhone Pro

Rumors are that the models of the latest iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Max, Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max may include a titanium frame. There is also the possibility of microphone grills and a redesigned speaker. Apple might also bring in a thermal chamber based on the vapor system. This will help retain a cooler iPhone and diminish the impact that the 5G connectivity and faster chips might have. 

Camera Improvement On Apple iPhone Pro Max

One standard change in a new model of the Apple iPhone is improvement in the camera. The iPhone regular, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max, Max, and iPhone 14 Pro might see upgrading in the Ultra-Wide camera. There are also rumors that Apple iPhones could bring in a ‘periscope zoom’ lens. That would allow for enhanced optical zoom. Though it remains unclear if this is a feature we can expect this year or the next. The iPhone 14 Pro Max models could even get 48-MP cameras and the capacity to record 8K videos.

Also expected are fresh A-series chips. They could be made on a 3 or a 4-nanometer TSMC process. The iteration of every new chip is expected to bring in improvements in efficiency and power. The A16 could be no different in this regard. 

Apple Chip iPhone

There are rumors that Apple iPhone will go in for the Snapdragon X65, a chip by Qualcomm. It is the first 10-gigabit 5G modem with faster speed in connectivity and also improvement in connectivity. Along with the X65, Apple could also introduce novel emergency features based on satellites in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This will allow users to send texts during emergencies and report any accident even without cellular coverage. 

Eliminating The Notch For Face Id

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

For several Apple iPhone models at least, the company could work to do away with the notch that holds the hardware necessary for the Face ID. This notch design was a divisive part of the design when it first was presented in 2017. It has changed little since then except when the size was tweaked in the Apple iPhone 13 and iPhone Pro.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple analyst, the apple iPhone models that are released in 2022 would do away with the notch. These iPhone releases would adopt instead a hole-punch camera design. This feature has been prevalent on many phones of the Android family. 

The hole-punch camera could be a cutout placed in the center for its front-facing cameras. 

Ever since Kuo’s predictions, there were additional rumors that have not cleared up the direction the iPhone 14 Pro model could take. There are also rumors that instead of a design with a hole-punch, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro models could go for a pill-shaped camera cutout. 

Ross Young, the display analyst clarified that the iPhone 14 Pro could have both the circular cutout and the pill-shaped cutout. A circular cutout could likely locate the Face ID projector. The pill-shaped cutout could include the Apple iPhone’s Face ID infrared camera, the front camera, and also other components. 

There might also be plans by Apple to place hardware for Face ID under the display of the iPhone. This might shorten the cutout sizes that are necessary and will leave additional space at the front of the screen of the iPhone. Apple is also working on working the under-display solution for Face ID. There is also a possibility that this would be a feature that won’t be ready by 2022.

Analysts at Barclays say that Apple could be planning to go in for Face ID’s time-of-flight architecture, and that will be laser-based for the first time. This will allow substantial changes in the TrueDepth front-facing camera array. There is also the possibility of a single-piece lens design that reduces the front camera module size.

Body Design of Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Max models will resemble Apple iPhone 14 models with identical flat edge design. But for the display change, there might be body design modernization to the Apple iPhones. 

Jon Prosser has claimed that Apple iPhones could see thicker chassis without a rear camera bump. The LiDAR Scanner, LED flash, and the lenses will be level with the glass at the rear leading to a camera design that does not protrude and was not in use in earlier models, said Jon Prosser. 

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14 models will have titanium, which was used in the Apple Watch, making it scratch-resistant. 

A car-crash detection feature will be introduced in both the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch. The watch would dial automatically in case of an emergency. This feature will be added to the Apple Watch Series 8. It will expand on the Fall Detection in existing Apple Watch models. 

The iPhone 13 Mini should be the final model of the smaller sizes and Apple iPhone will henceforth focus on the larger sizes. 

Rumors Of Promotion Display

There were rumors that iPhone 14 models could have ProMotion displays. But it is not likely in 2022. A lack of availability of necessary displays is the likely cause according to Ross Young, an analyst.