Apple is ahead of quantum computers to shield iMessage

In the beta version of iOS 17.4, Apple has implemented a new cryptographic encryption system, which has reached a new level of security. In fact, the company itself explains that iMessage is the first application to reach what they call Level 3. Thanks to the new encryption system, called PQ3, they have taken a giant step in terms of protecting the messages that are sent in the platform. And they claim to be above their competition in terms of security and privacy.

Quantum security in iMessage

What is this new quantum encryption system? According to what the company explains in an official statement, «there is an additional layer of defense: a periodic mechanism that changes keys to provide cryptographic self-protection«. That is, in the event that the encryption code has been cracked to access the conversations, this same code will regenerate itself, preventing access again.

And why is “quantum” mentioned so much? From Apple they explain that, although there are no quantum computersToday, the intention of having introduced this new protection system is to, precisely, prevent quantum computers (when they exist) from being able to crack security codes. Hence they have implemented PQC, post-quantum cryptography, for its acronym in English.

“These protocols can be run on computers that we all use today, but they will remain safe from attacks that can be carried out with quantum computers,” they explain.

iMessage is crowned the queen of security

In the same statement, the company announces that “the vast majority of messaging apps fall into Level 0 security, without end-to-end encryption or quantum security; o Level 1, with end-to-end encryption, and without quantum security.

“At Level 2, the application of post-quantum cryptography is limited to the initial key, providing security when the conversation has never been compromised,” they report. In other words: until now, the protection system was effective if they had never violated the code. What changes with this evolution of iMessage is what happens when encryption codes are cracked. If the conversation is compromised, because the encryption is broken, That same key that encrypts everything changes automatically.

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They explain that these new security measures will be available with the launch of iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4, macOS 14.4 and watchOS 14.4. Regarding the application of this new security system, Apple explains that it will be an application on a global scale.