Apple has many open fronts. Not only does it have the different devices that it sells, and a lot of it, but it also has a market for services that capture a demand from users, ranging from music to entertainment programs, including sports and fitness. Apple TV+ was born with the idea of ​​being able to provide quality and fill a market niche that, although it seems that it was collapsed by its competitors, we have seen that the path chosen by the American company has been another and it is doing very well. So you may want to expand, and one way to do that is by acquiring the broadcast rights to the English Premier League.

The English Premier League is the highest category of football in that country. It is there where the highest level teams compete and therefore are the ones that attract the most attention. Not only in a matter of followers of the different teams but of the world in general. Because those who face each other in other European competitions and the rest of the world come out of that league and image and broadcast rights generate a very significant amount of money. A sector that Apple wants to explore to continue filling the coffers.

The rumor of Apple’s interest in these rights comes from nothing more and nothing less than a fairly reliable source. Bloomberg states, citing that his information comes from people close to him who have good information, that Apple is willing and able to take over the broadcast rights, not only from the English Premier League but from the lower categories.

Of course, it does not seem that its acquisition will be easy since there are three other interested parties (Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime Video) to acquire these rights that are valued at around six billion dollars for three years.