Apple is going to become your bank

One of the most striking functions that Apple announced at WWDC last June was “Apple Pay Later”, which ultimately consists of the fact that the Cupertino company itself will be in charge of financing user purchases. It is a function that has not yet arrived, and that in theory should not take long to arrive.

How will Apple Pay Later work?

The reality is that Apple wants to make everything easier for users who want to buy their products or simply use iPhone to pay wherever they go, since that must be made very clear, this function that the Cupertino company is developing will not only be used to buy in the Apple Store, but also in any establishment.

In the end, Apple in this way is becoming your bank, since it will be the company itself that will allow you to buy a product and split said payment into 4 over the next 6 weeks, that is to say, that you are really going to have to pay for the product in 1 month and a half, yes, dividing what it costs into 4 equal parts. One of the great advantages offered by this service is that there will be no interest or commissions, that is, you will not have to pay an extra euro to finance your purchase with Apple Pay Later, something that will surely be able to attract the attention of many users. .

Its operation will be really simple, since all you have to do is pay with Apple Pay and within your device choose this option to finance the purchase you just made. In addition, we repeat again, it is something that you can not only use to buy your Apple products, but you can use it in any establishment, since you only have to use Apple Pay for it.

When will it be officially released?

The launch of Apple Pay Later seems to be really close, and it is that as reported by Mark Gurman, Apple has made the function available to its employees in the US so that they can use it and test it, all through a beta version. This is a new step by Apple in the implementation of this function, or rather, service, since until now some corporate employees of the company were also testing it.

Add Apple Pay card iPhone

Also, it was last week when Apple CEO, Tim Cookspoke about the launch of Apple Pay Later, stating that said function was really close to being officially launched, to which Mark Gurman added that, predictably, It will be something that arrives with iOS 16.4. Now, not all of it is good news about this service that Apple is going to offer, since it seems that from the outset it will not reach everyone, in fact, it may only be available in some US states, so if If you live in Spain or outside the US, you will have to wait to be able to use this simple financing that Apple is going to put at the service of users.