Apple is going to have a lot of problems

The monopoly of the App Store, unfair or ethical?

The main platform for obtaining applications on iPhone, iPad and Mac is the App Store, where Apple has created an environment safe and stable where developers can enjoy, upload and position your applications and customers purchase them. Cupertino, in exchange for supporting the maintenance costs, takes a 30% commission for every purchase that occurs in the App Store.

At first it might seem correct and logical Apple creates an ecosystem with millions of users and in exchange takes a commission of 30% for the purchase or subscriptions of Apps. However, the current situation is not like that and companies have expressed their discontent. We are going to decipher what has happened and the problems that Apple is facing.

The Epic Games ground

The political earthquake came when the Epic Game company generated a alternate charging systemwhich excluded the conditions of the App Store and which violated, the 30% commission that Apple demanded in commercial transactions. Not only Epic filed the lawsuit, companies such as Mercado Libre or the CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, have also classified the rates that Apple takes as “unfair” and “disproportionate”. In response, Apple expelled the Fortnite company from the App Store and they went to court.

We all know the result of the trial, Epic Game has to to accept the conditions imposed by Apple in the App Store, conditions that it accepted when it first decided to enter the Apps market. However, Apple will have to provide a second payment method dodge the tax rate imposed by Apple.

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Consequences of the trial and safety issues

The consequences of the judge’s ruling Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers forces Apple to establish an alternate payment system for developers. This new line generates a first problem to users due to the fact that they are going to have to determine if they want the app store security wave ability to pay third parties with the possibility that users may be deceived or scammed.

It should be noted that allowing the possibility of third-party entry may lead to the entry of malware both in the App Store as well as users, since Apple will not be able to unanimously control all the processes that take place in the App Store. In addition, the policies return of apps that Apple imposes will not be possible if the user performs the transaction of external form.

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By way of conclusion, this new payment system will come into force 2023 or 2024. However, Apple will continue to improve the security, ecosystem and control of the App Store, but it is the user who will be able to determine if they want the security of Apple, or the price or the comforts that the developer offers itself.