Apple is going to revolutionize your car with this

The news that CarPlay brings

As you can read in the title of this post, Apple is really going to change, to revolutionize cars with this new version of CarPlay. Although it is true that it currently offers a series of really useful functions that facilitate navigation and the use of certain apps in the car, with the new version all this is going to be revolutionized.

The first thing you have to know, and what is really important, is that this version of CarPlay You will have almost complete access to all the parameters of your car, so with the interface, which we will talk about later, you will be able to inform yourself and control from the temperature, the fuel or battery level, tire pressure and many other essential data. Besides, this interface itself will give a completely differentiating touch to your carsince CarPlay will adapt to each and every one of the screens that are available, that is, it will take the control of the entire infotainment system.

This interface will have different split screens that will adjust and adapt to the car, in it you will be able to find a dock where the apps you use the most will appear and, contrary to what currently happens, you can split the screen to use several apps at the same time. Another novelty that also arrives are the widget, and it is that after the popularity and importance that they have taken on the iPhone and iPad, Apple also wants to take them to your car. All this will be accompanied by a level of personalization tremendous, giving all users the opportunity to adapt it according to their tastes and needs, being able to modify the colors, fonts and way in which the system displays all the information.

Release date

Obviously, after the moment in which Apple presented all these novelties, the only thing users wanted to know was the moment in which they were going to be able to enjoy this new driving experience. Well, the reality is that this is not yet available and it seems that the date chosen by Apple is later this yearThat is, it is likely that the new iPhone 15 will be seen before this new version of CarPlay.


In addition, it must be taken into account that will not be available on all cars, since everything will depend on the functions and, above all, the system that each car has. It is true that Apple has already announced the brands that will be compatible with this new version of CarPlay, now, after this is the ball in the roof of the brands to see in which car models they allow it to be implemented and in which not. Now, without a doubt, for those who finally have this luck, the wait will have been worth it.