Apple is preparing a new product never seen before

Apple’s machinery does not leave anything in the pipeline and is always in operation to the maximum of its possibilities, and it is that the latest rumors are already pointing to a new product from the company that, until now, has been completely non-existent, and No, it’s not the glasses. If you want to know what it is about, keep reading that we will tell you everything in this post.

As you know, just a few weeks ago the Cupertino company presented through a press release and launched the new 2nd generation HomePoda team that surprised everyone due to the few changes it has undergone compared to the first generation, especially considering that the latter was discontinued by Apple in 2021.

The surprise comes, as we say, because everyone expected a different product, also promoted in part by rumors that this 2nd generation HomePod could have a different design, the size would be smaller, and it was even rumor the Possibility it had a screenas one of the competing devices, in order to be the hub of HomeKit operations. Well, the HomePod is finally not going to fulfill this function 100%, since everything indicates that Apple will launch a device that will achieve it.

The HomeKit screen, on the way

As we said, one of the options that was being considered for the HomePod is that it had a screen that served as center to control all HomeKit home automation that users have at home. This, as we have told you, has not been the case, but this screen does seem to be in Apple’s plans, obviously without the speaker part, which is what the HomePods are for.


More than as a flagship product, it seems that Apple’s plans go through sell it as an accessory to smart gadgets that users have at home. And it is that despite the fact that both the HomePod, as well as the Apple TV as well as the Mac, iPhone or iPad can be used to control everything related to HomeKit, those of Cupertino want to give it a team that is exclusive to fulfill this function.

He design of this screen, according to the renowned analyst Mark Gurman, it would be completely traced to the iPad, in fact it could even be a 10th generation iPad, although it also seems that it will incorporate certain functions that would allow it to stick to walls or other objects, since in order to This product is to locate it in a fixed place in the house to be able to have control of all the home automation easily.

Other rumors also indicate that he could count on a small camera to give users the ability to make FaceTime calls and even have a speaker to play music. Be that as it may, these rumors put a new device on the table for the next Apple events, so we will have to be aware of the rumors that may arise about it, since this has only just begun.