Apple is preparing something that can revolutionize everything

Apple and Google are strong competitors in depending on what areas, such as, for example, the case of mobile telephony and operating systems. But also, both companies have very different approaches in other aspects, such as the search engine. However, this does not mean that those from Cupertino have not put their efforts into this field, despite the fact that (at least, for the moment) it is an implementation on a different scale. The truth is that Apple already has something great, which we may very well end up seeing applied in other areas.

If we talk about search engines, Apple has Google as its predefined search engine, thanks to the succulent monetary agreement that both companies currently have. However, would it be possible for Apple to launch its own search engine to compete with Google? This is what 9to5Mac is asking, because precisely Apple already has its own internet search engineand his name is Pegasus.

Apple Pegasus

The English-speaking media 9to5Mac echoes the latest information that Mark Gurman has released, which explains that “in recent years they have built a next-generation search engine, codenamed Pegasus.” In fact, this search engine “is already used in some of its applications.”

“Manzana Pegasus will soon integrate to be the search engine in one of its most important areas: App Store,” they explain from 9to5Mac.

And does Google have anything to do with all this, or is it a tool that Apple has created with its own resources? Although this is unknown, what is known is that there is a key figure at Google, who is currently in Cupertino: John Giannandrea, former Google executive and current head of artificial intelligence at Apple.

In fact, this name is important, since Gurman himself explains that it is Giannandrea who is in charge of supervising “a giant team” of people dedicated to this task.

So, at the moment it is not a large-scale implementation, but rather having a faster and more efficient search service within the App Store. It is not at the same level as Google, in terms of usage traffic and extension.

Apple being the new Google?

Could it be possible that Apple wants to enter the field of search engines, in order to compete against Google? At the moment, those from Cupertino already have their own engine, but focused on their services.

On the other hand, Google’s omnipresence is so great that Apple pockets large amounts of money annually to make this search engine the default on iOS. Not only in the Safari browser, but also in the results displayed from Spotlight, or from Siri, since currently all the web results are indexed, when we want to search from the same iPhone interface.

Siri icon

“As Mark Gurman explains, Apple may not have a competitor against Google of its own ready at the moment, but the company certainly has the right components and the necessary experts in Apple Park to develop this, if they need it,” they explain from MacRumors .