Apple is the leading smartphone sales company

The big manufacturers of smartphones are not exactly there to shoot rockets. The times of the pandemic where they swelled to sell smartphones to alleviate the dead hours of their millions of users confined at home are far away.

And now, in the middle of the sales crisis in the sector, there is a company where it continues to have good billing figures in its mobile division, growing every year in units sold. And it is none other than Manzana.

A few days ago the estimated figures for smartphone sales in the US market appeared, and we saw that iPhone sales were in very good health, compared to the same figures for other major smartphone manufacturers.

And now a new report appears, this time from Counterpointabout a study of the smartphone market in five Asian countries, comparing sales among various manufacturers during the first quarter of the year.

This study shows that while global smartphone sales fell in the first quarter of this year, Apple fell outside that average. increasing your sales Compared to the same period of the previous year.

In countries like Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia, mobile sales fell 13% from last year, according to Counterpoint. On the other hand, in countries like Vietnam and Indonesia, Apple has obtained great results, thanks to the sales of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. They obtained an increase of 18% compared to the same period last year.

These data show that Apple had an increase in sales of 18%, against a decrease in other manufacturers. Thus, Realme had a 5% drop, Oppo 10%, Mi 13%, samsung of 16% and the worst of all, Vivo with a drop of 26% compared to the same quarter of 2022.

Although a priori it seems a paradox, the fact is that in times of economic crisis, the sales of the most expensive mobile phones suffer less than those of lower priced ones. Simply, because the greater purchasing power of the customers of Manzana, it makes them care less about the moments of economic crisis that they may suffer in their country. Money calls money….