Apple Journaling App Will Be Released Soon

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Apple intends to introduce a personal Apple Journaling App at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. All iPhones running iOS 17 will come with the Apple Journaling App pre-installed, and it will be tightly integrated with contacts, location services, and other features on the user’s phone.

The WSJ’s reporting was based on an examination of internal Apple papers pertaining to the project. Apple intends to market the Apple Journaling App—code-named “Jurassic”—as a mental health aid, citing studies that demonstrate how regular writing may alleviate melancholy and anxiety. With access to your contacts, your calendar, and other locally stored data, Jurassic (whose name will undoubtedly be changed before launch) will be able to analyze data to establish what a normal day looks like.

Apple Journaling App Will Be Released With iOS 17

It will give suggestions to users about what they should write about, especially when the software identifies behavior that is out of the ordinary. 

This level of connection with other pre-installed applications and user data will set the app distinct from other journaling alternatives on the iPhone, perhaps making competition tough. Paul Mayne, the inventor of the popular third-party iPhone journaling software Day One, which was bought by Auttomatic in 2021, is quoted in the WSJ piece. Mayne’s sentiments are shared by other app developers who have been irritated by Apple’s introduction of in-house competitors to the applications they have introduced to the ecosystem, frequently replicating features that those apps developed and adding functionality that only Apple can provide.

Apple may occasionally have more access to user data than third-party developers when it aims to replace or compete with a third-party app.

Whether Apple will charge for the software was not specified in the materials that the Journal’s writers saw. Although it’s unlikely to be a paid download or ad-supported, Apple has in the past billed customers on a regular subscription basis for some features and services.