Apple just gave the news of the year for the iPad

Tuesdays can be wonderful, that is what Apple must have thought, since they have just made a series of announcements and launches that, of course, will not leave anyone indifferent, among other things because the Cupertino company has just announce something that will mark a before and after on the iPad. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro coming to iPad

This is one of the news that many users have been waiting for years to happen, and against all odds, Apple has announced it like this on any given Tuesday, curious considering that WWDC would have been an extraordinary moment for such extraordinary news, which suggests that what the Cupertino company has prepared for said Keynote may be really great.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro can finally be used on the iPadYes, for this, users will have to have a computer that has a M1 or higher processorsomething normal considering that it is about two programs, applications or software, whatever you want to call it, that is focused on the professional world.

As Apple has announced in its press release, these two applications will arrive with an interface adapted to the dimensions and the way of using the iPad, so in theory they will not be exactly the same as those of the Mac. They will reach all users from May 23that is, in just a few weeks and something that must also be taken into account is that Apple has switched to the subscription model, that is, now all those who want to use Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro on the iPad will have to pay a monthly subscription, which raises the great doubt that it will happen with the application for Mac, which until now was a single payment.

New Pride straps and dials and announcement of the new versions

Now, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad have not arrived alone, since Apple has also launched through a press release the new pride beltwhich will also be accompanied by a new face and wallpaper which, as usual, has the same design as the strap. On this occasion, Apple has chosen the white color as the base, on which it has been adding different colored strips that make both the strap and the sphere, a really nice way of combining a social demand with a cheerful aesthetic.

iPhone and watch Pride

On the other hand, when the Cupertino company revealed the date on which both the sphere and the new iPhone wallpaper will be available on the occasion of pride, which will be next week, it has also revealed the launch of the new versions of the different operating systems, including iOS 16.5 and watchOS 9.5. Therefore, all those who want to update, prepare their devices for next week. Finally, the new Pride strap will be available from May 24 for a price of 49 euros.