Apple had a major generational upgrade planned for the graphics capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro, but finally had to scrap his plans to integrate the new GPU in an advanced stage of development after “unprecedented” bugs were discovered, according to the outlet The Information.

According to this report (note, it is paid), The Information claims that Apple engineers were “too ambitious” when it comes to including new features to the iPhone 14 Pro graphics processor (for example, the ray tracing technique, which allows for greater realism with respect to lighting in video games). Everything points to that Apple-designed prototypes used more power than expectedwhich directly affected the battery life and performance of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

According to several sources that indicate they have first-hand information and that they have spoken with the media, Apple would have discovered the failure of the GPU of the iPhone 14 Pro in an already highly developed phase of the deviceso youHad to unexpectedly switch to the A15 Bionic chip GPU from last year’s iPhone 13 range. Last-minute changes that the upper echelons of Cupertino surely did not like.

This GPU incident is unprecedented in Apple’s history as a chip developer, and was the main reason the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max showed so little improvement in graphics performance over previous models. As expected, Apple seems to have taken action in this regard and has withdrawn some managers and managers from the project. Including key figures to help establish Apple as one of the leaders in chip development. This decision comes as no surprise.

Will we see in the iPhone 15 (Pro?) a leap in terms of the quality and graphic power of the device? Will it be one more step for the arrival of AAA video games to Apple Arcade or the App Store? What seems clear is that Apple is betting on it and that it would be strange to have two generational leaps with hardly any improvement in this aspect increasingly important for the industry.