We have been with the beta versions of iOS 16.5 for a few weeks, the new version of iOS 16 that will be released in the coming days. In fact, today all the views were set on software updates since everyone was waiting for the final version of iOS 16.5 available to everyone. However, Apple has decided to release a new Release Candidate version before the final release which is expected to be in the next few days.

A new Release Candidate of iOS 16.5 days away from the public version

iOS 16.5 will most likely be the penultimate major update to iOS 16 before the arrival of the first beta versions of iOS 17, the next operating system to be unveiled at WWDC23 on June 5. Remember that the main novelties of iOS 16.5 were the new wallpaper of the Pride edition of this 2023, a new Sports tab in the Apple News app, a solution to errors in Spotlight and, finally, the solution to an error in the app Podcasts on CarPlay.

iOS 16.5

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iOS 16.5 will be released next week with these new features

After a few weeks testing iOS 16.5 Apple released the first Release Candidate version (or version candidate) some days ago. This is the name given to a version almost ready to be released worldwide and not just for developers. Typically these release candidates only have a version prior to the global release. However, Apple has decided to launch a second Release Candidate for iOS 16.5 before its official release.

The final version of iOS 16.5 is expected to be released in the coming days. However, after launching this version, the first betas of iOS 16.6 will be published, the last version before the next full operating system. Some experts say that tomorrow will be the day chosen by Apple to launch this new update which, as we have said, anticipates a cycle closure before the arrival of iOS 17.