Apple continues development of the next update for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac with the release of the third Beta of all versions of your new operating system.

iOS 17.1 Beta 3 (along with iPadOS 17.1 Beta 3) is now available to download if you are a developer, and it is expected that in the next few hours or days it will also be available for users registered in Apple’s Public Beta program. This new version comes with a good number of new features, in addition to solving many problems found with the new models and performance improvements. Among the most important new features included in this update are the following:

  • He action button operation now it changes when our iPhone is in our pocket. When the proximity sensor detects that the iPhone is in a bag, pocket or any other similar space, the held press will have to be longer for the action that we have configured with that button to be executed.
  • In the Music app now appears a new button to mark a song as Favoriteand also new options to customize the cover of your playlists.
  • You can modify the turning off iPhone screen in StandBy mode to be done after 20 seconds
  • Transfers by AirDrop can now be concluded by using network data for when we have lost the range between the two devices that are involved.

In addition to the Betas for iPhone and iPad, Apple has also launched those corresponding to watchOS 10.1, which includes the long-awaited “Double tap” feature that allows you to execute actions with the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 by giving two taps with the index finger and thumb of the hand where you wear the watch. macOS 14.1 and tvOS 17.1 Beta 3 are also available without any relevant changes that we have detected at the moment.