The arrival of spring has become a very special moment for Apple. It is one of the moments where they take out their ace up their sleeve and decide to give the boost necessary for their products to grow again after the drop in sales in the post-Christmas period. On this occasion, the big apple has announced the new yellow color of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus which will be available from Friday. Although in a more hidden way, Apple has also launched new spring colors for its iPhone cases and Apple Watch straps.

Canary yellow, olive green and many more, spring is here with new colours!

without a doubt the new colors of the covers and straps reflect the arrival of spring. In fact, it is the tone chosen by Apple to announce and promote the purchase of these new colors. In the case of silicone cases for iPhones Four new colors have been introduced: canary yellow, sky blue, olive green and lily (which has been a lilac color). Remember that these silicone covers start at the 59 euro.

iPhone 14 yellow

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Although there are not many colors, it does allow us to choose from a higher range of possibilities. If you have an Apple Watch you are also in luck because there are more updated straps in terms of colors refers to today. In fact, the new colors are as follows: bud green, canary yellow, intense orange, olive green, lilac mist, storm blue and star white. These colors are available on the straps Silicone Loop only, Braided Loop only and Sport Strap. There are also novelties in the Hermès straps, in its Double Tour Casaque version and in its leather version.

All these novelties can be consulted on the official Apple website in the straps section, where you can check the different colors in each of the strap models. All of them Available for purchase starting today.