Apple Laying Off Employees

According to persons familiar with the subject, Apple Inc. is removing a limited number of employees inside its corporate retail teams, marking the company’s first reported internal job losses since embarking on a cost-cutting drive last year. 

According to the persons who asked not to be identified since the change has not been publicized, the corporation is cutting personnel in what it calls its growth and preservation teams. These organizations are in charge of building and maintaining Apple retail shops and other facilities across the world. 

Apple Letting Go Of Employees

While the number of posts cut could not be determined and is expected to be relatively minor, the decision signals a new step for the world’s most valuable corporation, whose counterparts have been trimming their staff in the face of a weak economy and slow consumer spending.

Apple is portraying the decision as a cost-cutting measure rather than a layoff. It informed staff that the changes are intended to improve shop maintenance internationally and that the business will give assistance to affected personnel.

Even as it cuts expenditures and reduces its contractor staff, which includes on-contract engineers, recruiters, and security guards, it has mostly avoided corporate layoffs. Prior to the epidemic, the business slashed a couple of hundred employees from its self-driving vehicle section.

With the newest move, Apple informed employees in those groups that they would be able to reapply for a number of positions identical to their previous ones. Those who do not accept a new position would be paid for up to four months, according to the sources.

Apple’s Cupertino, California-based headquarters declined to comment.