Apple leaks a feature that has been waiting for months

Yesterday, the Cupertino company launched the second beta of iOS 16.4, a version that, as we already saw with the first beta, brings and will officially bring many changes for all users who have an iPhone compatible with iOS 16. Well, in addition to the news visible in the beta itself, Apple has “leaked”, so to speak, one of the upcoming features that has been talked about for a long time. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

What’s new in iOS 16.4 beta 2

As is natural, the vast majority of the new features of iOS 16.4 have already been seen and were released in the first beta that was launched a few days ago, a first beta that, of course, did not leave anyone indifferent since, as we have mentioned, it brought numerous novelties that, to be the beta of such an advanced version, is certainly to be applauded by Apple. Therefore, it is clear that another wave of new features cannot be expected in this second beta, but Apple’s intention to gradually add stability and performance to this new version. Even so, there are certain aspects that must be discussed and highlighted in this beta 2 of iOS 16.4.

  • Apple Pay It continues to expand, and it seems that the citizens of South Korea are very close to the launch of this fantastic Apple feature in their country.
  • In the settings of your iPhone, and more specifically in the section of AppleCaredifferent icons now appear depending on the devices you have insured with Apple insurance.
  • The home screen of the podcast app it has also been slightly modified. In addition, the app is now compatible with channels in the Library, more functions to use it with CarPlay among other novelties.

Apple leaks the new Apple Music

Now, as we have commented, the most interesting thing about this beta 2 of iOS 16.4 is really not so visible, since they have had to investigate a little within its code to be able to get the news of the day, which as you can imagine is completely related to Apple Music.

If you follow Apple news, surely you remember the famous Apple Music Classical, that is, the exclusive version of Apple Music for classical music. They have been talking about this for a long time, but the reality is that it has never finally reached users. Well, in this beta 2 references to this function have been found within its code. Specifically, within the code the following sentence has been found, “To listen to Apple Music Classical, you’ll need to install Apple Music”. Without a doubt, this is clear evidence that Cupertino continues to work intensively on a future update of the company’s flagship service, and that, of course, its launch is much closer than might be expected.

apple music classical leak

The question that many users have regarding Apple Music Classical is whether the Cupertino company will make users who want to enjoy it, pay a separate subscription from which they already pay with Apple Music or, it will simply be one more section that can be found within the application itself and the service itself, that is, an addition.