Apple M2 Max Chip’s Details Leaked

Apple is testing the yet-to-be-released Apple M2 Max processor in its future 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. The M2 Pro and M2 Max laptop CPUs are the natural next step after Apple delivered the new-looking MacBook Air and the very-old-looking 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 processor so far.

A MacBook with an M2 Pro processor and 96GB of RAM may be seen in two Geekbench runs. According to the number, Apple will probably let customers choose configurations with greater memory than the present 64GB maximum.

Apple M2 Max Chip Will be Used In The New Editions

The Apple M2 Max in the most recent generation of MacBook Pro computers has 12 cores and can run at a maximum speed of 3.54GHz, which is 2 more cores and 320Mhz faster than the M1 Pro.

The L1 and L2 cache numbers provided are identical. Given that we are currently in full winter, Apple may postpone the release of the M2-powered 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros until 2023. Multiple new Macs are apparently being developed by the Cupertino behemoth and are scheduled for debut in 2023. A new iMac, the most recent MacBook Pro, and the long-rumored Apple-powered Mac Pro are among these devices. It’s anticipated that some of these new Macs may use the M2 Max chipset, which is exclusive to the firm.

The Geekbench results for the new “M2 Max” processor are purportedly available, according to a MacRumors rumor. These results will provide a more detailed look at the capacities and particulars of the future Apple processor. The Apple M2 Max chipset’s Geekbench results, according to the report, were initially discovered on Twitter. The outcome shows that the next chipset features 96GB of RAM and a 12-core CPU. The results tweet also contained the identifier “Mac14,6,” which might refer to either the upcoming MacBook Pros or the Mac Studio of the following generation.