Apple Maps Introduces Real-Time Alerts For Road Risks

Apple Maps has partnered with a startup that will provide real-time road hazard notifications to the navigation app.

HAAS Alert said in a news release that its Safety Cloud solution, which provides real-time danger alerts, now interacts with Apple Maps. Users will now receive notifications for “emergency vehicles, crisis responders, road closures, and other risks,” according to the business.

According to HAAS Alert, the Safety Cloud technology is used by over a thousand safety organizations, fleets, road workers, and others to keep their teams safe, and Apple Maps users will now benefit as well.

Apple Maps Will Now Send Accident Alerts To Users 

In the United States, Apple’s Maps app now includes real-time road danger data from HAAS Alert Safety Cloud, improving the app’s ability to alert users of impending safety hazards. The “most complete and reliable digital alerting tool for roadway safety,” as per a blog post revealing the merger.

Drivers will now get a warning on Apple Maps when they are nearing ambulances, crisis responders, road works, and other road dangers provided by Safety Cloud. Driver safety is improved and collision risk is reduced when drivers get digital notifications about potential road dangers.

Jeremy Agulnek, HAAS Alert’s SVP of Connected Vehicle, praised Apple for “prioritizing the driver’s safety and carrying measures toward attaining Vision Zero objective of stopping all road fatalities and serious injuries.” Safety alerts about impending road dangers have been available in the Maps app for some time, but the inclusion of data from the HAAS Safety Cloud will make the notifications more comprehensive. Safety Cloud has delivered over 1 billion digital notifications since its introduction in 2017.