The native applications of iPadOS and iOS 17 are a fundamental axis for the user experience. Some of these apps have undergone major changes in recent years such as Apple Maps and Apple Music. The Big Apple navigation application continues to grow in functions to try to surpass Google Maps users. However, it is something complicated that in the short term is not going to happen. iOS 17 could go a step further and redesign the Apple Maps user experience on the lock screen when you’re on the road, integrating notifications and shortcuts directly.

iOS 17 would help Apple Maps to be more functional on the lock screen

Apple Maps is the navigation service that was introduced in 2012 and more than ten years later it is still valid throughout the Apple ecosystem. Besides, the evolution of the service is being favorable with new functions that are expanding throughout the world geography with the passing of the years and the updates. However still there are limitations in the user experience which could be fixed in iOS 17.

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Apple Maps begins offering bike routes in the United States

A well-known Twitter leaker, @Analyst941has published a series of tweets where they predict a Apple Maps navigation UI change on lock screen in iOS 17. Currently when we start a route with the navigation service it occupies the entire screen when it is locked. We can proceed to unlock it and access the home screen without being able to access the lock screen.

The new idea posted by this user integrates the lock screen with notifications and shortcuts to the camera and flashlight along with directions and the Apple Maps navigation map. In this way, the user can access all the information directly from the lock screen, as can be seen in the renders published along with the leaker’s tweets.