A few days ago we told you that iOS 16.1 had one of the most important bugs detected since the great release of iOS 16 a few months ago. This is a bug with the Wi-Fi connection that causes intermittent disconnections on some devices. Although manual solutions have been found, the problem remains and users keep complaining about the same error day after day. That’s why Apple could be preparing the release of iOS 16.1.1 to solve the problem of connectivity with Wi-Fi networks and who knows whether to introduce other news of interest to the user.

iOS 16.1.1 could be coming soon to remove Wi-Fi connection bug

The problem was reported through the official Apple support forums and social networks such as Reddit or Twitter. Thousands of users were experiencing intermittent outages and disconnections in their Wi-Fi networks with the iOS 16.1 update on their devices. No matter what device, those bugs are still reproducing to this day and Apple has not released any fixes.

iOS 16.1

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However, the MacRumors medium has detected devices with iOS 16.1.1 installed browsing its website. That means that it is very likely that Apple is working on a version of iOS 16.1.1 which could launch very soon. This problem persists and there is no intention on the part of the big apple to solve it with the launch of iOS 16.2 that would arrive in mid-December. It’s too late for such a big mistake.

It is likely that iOS 16.1.1 will bring other new features in addition to the solution to this Wi-Fi network connectivity error. Among these novelties would be, for example, the activation of the SOS emergency system via satellite on the new iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. A function that was announced in September and that Apple assured would arrive in the coming months. We could also see improvements in the battery management of the devices or the improvement in the fluidity of the animations. Everything remains to be seen.