Apple Music Classical Will Be Released In 2023

Apple is introducing a new classical music streaming service. According to Apple, the new Apple Music Classical app will provide Apple Music subscribers with access to more than 5 million classical songs available. It will include new titles in high-quality sound, in addition to thousands of playlists, and hundreds of exclusive album tracks. As well as other features such as composer bios and deep dives on key works. Given its inclusion in the last OS upgrades pushed out to developers but the specific timing of the rollout was unknown.

Apple Music Classical Will Be Available By The End Of March

Nevertheless, while Apple Music Classical was announced today, it is now only available as a preorder on the App Store. The app will be released the following month, around March 28. Furthermore, at launch, the app would only enable iOS devices that run iOS 15.4 or later.

The company’s decision to attack chamber music audiences with a separate app is a distinguishing factor for its Apple Music subscription service. Instead, Apple Music Classical will offer a straightforward user interface for interacting with classical compositions.

To locate recordings, users will be able to browse by artist, work, director, or even catalog number. These can be streamed in up to 192 kHz/24-bit Hi-Res Lossless audio quality. In addition, thousands of records will be accessible in Apple’s immersive spatial audio. Users will be able to dive into the recordings and read editorial notes on the composers as well as descriptions of their significant works. Renowned composers will be able to purchase high-resolution digital portraits commissioned by Apple from artists. Color palettes and visual references from the corresponding classical period were used to create them, and more will be introduced in the future.