Apple Music: Spatial Audio Coming Soon To Cars

It will be for the first time Apple Music with spatial audio will be natively available in cars. Of course, if you can afford it.

Apple Music And Mercedes-Benz Come Together To Bring Spatial Audio To Cars

Mercedes Benz announced today that it is bringing support for AM’s spatial audio to certain cars. Apple Music launched spatial audio with Dolby Atmos in 2021, on a range of its devices including the Apple TV, iPhone, Home Pod, and Mac. This feature soon became very popular with its users. Mercedes and AM, have come together to launch this feature in cars for the very first time.

In a joint press statement, it was stated that the spatial audio feature of Apple Music would come integrated with the infotainment system MBUX. They plan to install the system first on their top-of-the-line cars Maybach Range, as well as electric EQS and EQE Models that come with the Mercedes latest MBUX interface and sound system of Burmester 3 or 4D. While the cost of these cars is upward of USD 100K the price of the sound system is not included. Customers have to bear additionally anything between USD 4550 to USD 6730 to have a Burmester Sound installed.

Apple Music’s Dolby Atmos-powered spatial audio is supposed to enhance the music listening experience and make music more immersive by fanning out the sound in different directions across different audio channels creating a virtual 3D or a 4D experience. Apple Music labels songs that can be played on the platform but the music mix is not always very consistent. 

V. P of Apple Music is very excited of this new development with Mercedes. Mr. Schusser, in a statement issued says to apple, the quality of the sound was of primary importance and to make available spatial audio, for Mercedes cars, for the very first time is even more exciting.