Nothing is missing until Apple presents iOS 18. We are less than a month away from the WWDC taking place and from Cupertino they announce the latest update of the iPhone operating system that has changed the most in recent years with the integration of AI functions and personalization. But this is not going to be all, a new rumor speaks of a new feature in Apple Music that all users will love.

If you are Apple Music users, you will know that Apple was one of the last to implement the crossfade in the transitions between songs on its streaming platform. And it was not until last year with iOS 17 when Apple integrated this feature into Apple Music while the competition had already implemented it for some time.

However, according to AppleInsider, Apple is going further with iOS 18 and is testing a new “smart song transitions” feature for Apple Music. This will be based on the function of crossfade existing, but so far it is not possible to detail what it will consist of. It is believed that one of the new features will be to adjust the timing of one's own crossfade exists, but so far they are mere speculations.

It's more, The latter is currently possible from the Settings App on our iPhonegoing to Music and adjusting the option crossfade sliding to increase or decrease the time (a variation of between one and 12 seconds is possible).

It's almost time to see what surprises Apple includes in iOS 18 and Apple Music. Surely There are many new things announced at WWDC and even more so those that do not count and that the users themselves will discover as the betas come out.