Apple News Launched Daily Local Newsletter For SF Bay Area

Apple, located in Cupertino, has released its first everyday email for residents of the SF Bay Area. The daily bulletin is presently only available in the San Francisco Bay Area and is issued at the end of each day. Apple News intends to launch local newsletters in other locations as well. Apple News provides local news in 11 different locations of the country. Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, and San Diego are among these cities.

Apple News To Compete With SmartNews and Flipboard

Apple News ensures that the newsletter contains only relevant news, rather as clickbait or news with little value, by curating stories by people rather than algorithms.

According to Techcrunch, all of the articles in the Apple newsletter are handpicked by its editors and aggregated from a variety of sources, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Eater San Francisco, SF Gate, the Oakland side, and KQED.

The news will be sent at the end of the day with additional news from the Bay Area. Apple users may also subscribe to another newsletter with national news.

Apple News is a free app that is available for the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch. It has been increasing its local news coverage around the United States. The firm expanded its local service to Charlotte, Miami, and Washington, DC in October.

The tech giant also provides Apple News+, a subscription service that provides customers with access to hundreds of publications and newspapers.

The daily local email complements its daily newsletter, which provides national news to a bigger audience. Apple’s local newsletters indicate that it is hoping to compete with newsletter services like SmartNews and Flipboard, which deliver the local news in hundreds of US cities.