Apple News Sends Racist Messages To Users After Being Hacked By Fast Company

An extraordinary step was taken by Fast Company which is a financial news media publishing house. On the night of Tuesday, they closed their website right after its hacked. The subscribers of Apple News had been sent a few offensive push notifications and they claimed that the site was hacked. The notifications seemed to contain obscene and racist language

Racism In Apple News 

The spokesperson of Apple News made a statement post this hurtful incident. The spokesperson said that the management system of the content account had been hacked on the evening of 27th September, Tuesday. 

As a result of this hacking, 2 very racist and blatantly indecent push notifications had been sent to all the subscribers of Apple News. The 2 notifications were sent at a minute’s time difference. The news house has openly accepted that these messages were indeed vile and not in correlation to the ethos of the Fast company content. The spokesperson further added that the incident is being investigated and the website has been closed until the issue is resolved. 

Shocking News For Subscribers 

Apple News has shared the information that the incident of hacking was related to the hacking of Fast Company which had taken place on 25th September, Sunday afternoon. Fast Company subscribers had also received similar obscene language on the home page of the website as well as other pages. 

Fast Company mentioned that they had shut their site and restored it almost 2-hour post the incident. They also apologized saying they deeply regret the abhorrent language encountered by their subscribers on Apple News and other platforms. 

Subscribers who tried to access the Apple News website post this incident on Tuesday night faced a 404 error that is a code for the website being shut entirely.